Boost Margin.

Protect from
coupon leaks.

Increase your brand's
margin by 2-10%

with coupon protection.

Block coupon extensions & get notified of coupon leaks to save 4-6 figures per month with KeepCart.
Non-Shopify store
No contracts. Cancel anytime.
Brands boosting margin
Brands trust KeepCart to
boost margins & protect from leaks
You're missing out on revenue
Honey and 20 other extensions are auto-injecting your codes to all extension users.
We solve your auto-coupon issue
We protect from more extensions than any other tool out there.
Without KeepCart
Extension pop-ups
Auto-code testing
Hurts margins
With KeepCart
No extension pop-ups
No auto-code testing
Saves margins
How it works
1. Set up in Seconds
Add a small snippet of code to your checkout page.
2. Measure ROI
We run a 14-30 day a/b test for you to see how much you can save.
3. Start Saving
Start saving more margin every month.
Coupon Extension Protection
Block 10+ coupon extension pop-ups at checkout and improve your margins, increase your site speed, and get a better understanding of marketing attribution.
Increase margins
Increase marketing spend
Cleaner attribution
Coupon Leak Alerts
Get alerted when your code leaks and know the source. Act fast and stay on top of any potential revenue losses.
Affiliate codes
Influencer codes
Email drop codes
Repeat purchase codes
Referral codes
Clearer Attribution
No more guessing games of marketing spend and how much was due to coupon extensions.
Try it out in seconds,
Risk free
One snippet install
60 day money back guarantee
Monthly pricing, cancel anytime
adding marketing spend
boosting margins
adding marketing spend
boosting margins
How does set up work for the Extension Blocker?

Just insert a lightweight JS snippet on your checkout page. We'll send you the details for your store dashboard to monitor results. Set up in seconds.

How does set up work for Coupon Leak Alerts?

We'll set you up with no need to connect to your store. Sit back and we'll start sending you alerts when your coupons leak.

Will this slow down my site?

Nope! This will actually increase your site speed.

How will the Extension Blocker affect my conversion rate?

Our merchant data shows that the Extension blocker increases your conversion rate. In the first 14-30 days you will be able to see the comparable conversion rate data.

Ready to boost your margins?
Protect from coupon leaks, supercharge sales.
Non-Shopify store